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First, log in to using the Account ID and password.

Then, open and enter the Google 2fa. After submission, you will receive a 6-digit verification code.

Go back to the Facebook login page and enter the verification code to successfully log in.


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The maximum single transaction limit is 1000. If you need more, please purchase in batches.

BM1-【share 1ad 1500$ limit】【+ bill】 Automatic Stock(10)
Price: 159.00
Product desciption



BMID-authorized link


Please buy a small amount to test, and if it suits you, continue. If it doesn’t, don’t buy it.

After 7 days, please kick out administrators other than yourself to prevent being kicked.





Warranty 3 day main BM die

Warranty add card no die

Not warranty create campaign


Normal steps to solve the withholding: Set it as the main card and create campaign then wait 30 minutes for the holding to disappear.